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TestGroove is a platform to help software companies assemble a test team from a worldwide pool of highly qualified test engineers.

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Why TestGroove?

Many software teams don't have the time and the resources to fully test their applications. On the other hand, outsourcing testing to an agency would mean losing control of the quality of the testing and high agency fees.

TestGroove makes the agency redundant, allowing software companies to assemble their own test team.


From a worldwide pool, find test engineers with expertise in your industry and technologies.


Save costs by paying only a low platform fee, instead of an unknown agency fee.


Work personally with test engineers on sophisticated tests for your application.


Trial periods

We organize experiments in collaboration, while test engineers are still working on other projects. You can try working with an engineer for 10 hours for free.


Test engineers work as freelancers for TestGroove. If an engineer is holding a permanent positions, we organize the transition to TestGroove and to your project.


We handle the payment. You only pay for the hours engineers worked on your project. There are no addition labor costs. You can track working hours in the TestGroove dashboard.


TestGroove is designed for long-term cooperation. If a test engineer leaves your project, you get a replacement and 50 working hours for free.


Platform Fee Per Test Engineer

Initial costs: Running costs:

CHF 2500

10% of Test Engineer's Salary

Includes: Includes:
  • Trial Periods (3 Times)
  • Hiring
  • Payment
  • Replacements (Unlimited)


Talk directly to our CTO if you have questions about TestGroove or want to schedule a live demo.

Demos will be performed by our CTO. If your are based in Switzerland, the demo will be held at your company's site, otherwise on Skype.

Call our CTO at +41 79 704 49 63

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Talk to Our CTO

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